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3 in 1 Magnifier Set HM - 30

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The HM-30 Hobby Magnifier is a 3-in-1 LED magnifier set with illumination. The set includes: LED illuminated base with attachable base stand, 2x 110mm rimless round acrylic lens, 2x acrylic Fresnel lens with 2.5x spot lens, 3.5x dual acrylic lens and adjustable length neck strap. To use, simply select one of the three lenses provided and insert the magnifier into the base stand. Press the release button to remove the magnifier and select a new one. The base stand allows the magnifier to be used as a free-standing magnifier, while the adjustable strap allows hands-free use on the body. Crystal clear acrylic lenses and two super bright LEDs provide a sharp, bright magnification image. Use AAA batteries (not included). The hobby magnifier can be used for all hobbies and crafts. Remove the magnifier for use as a reading light.